Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Kevin Bellemore

1.     I feel that headlines are so important because they are the first element in an article that sticks out to viewers. Another thing to note is that a headline’s job is to attract attention. An example of a headline that I’ve clicked on recently is “Using VR to make an extreme sport within reach”. I clicked this article because it peaked my interest, and by attracting attention through its headline by shortening the title so it summarizes what is spoken of in the article.

2.     The headline shown in question #1 is representative to an extent of the article. I say this because it does give the information that virtual reality can make it look like you are heli-skiing through watching the videos. The one thing that this article doesn’t show is how to make the sports more accessible to try, as part of the headline states that it can make an extreme sport within reach. That part of the headline could confuse some readers.

3.     – “Here’s How You Can Finally try Heli-Skiing by Using Virtual Reality” – This works as a better title because it promises something. Readers are more intrigued into consuming content.

–       “The Surprising Way You Can Go Heli-Skiing from Your Couch” – This can also work as a title because you are speaking directly to your audience using this title. This is another effective way to engage the consumers.

–       “VR Makes Extreme Sports Easier to Try” – This title also works because it is short, clear and concise. Titles that are short help content creators because consumers mostly only glance at titles, so they have to be direct.

4.     “The new Halloween is a slasher movie with an actual message” is a headline that has resonated with me because it is clear and direct. It does not give away the whole article away in the title, but shows that there is more in the article to learn. The article is direct in saying that the movie has an actual message in it.

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