Assignment 3

Assignment 3

Kevin Bellemore

  1. Plain language writing for the web is when clear and concise words are used in a blog or online. This is used so that the readers of the blogs or articles can understand what they are reading. Plain language also helps people read information that they would like to know without having to know jargon from specialized fields. I believe that plain language is important because readers would become boring of the content if it were written properly, like an essay. They do not want it to feel like it is dumbed down for them, but more as if it were more as if a conversation worthy piece.
  2. Plain English for the web is the way in which readers can observe an article without getting lost in different jargon from businesses. Plain English writing must be clear and concise; otherwise readers of an article may not understand what is being said in an article. Some techniques as to write “plain English” is:
    • To use short sentences when possible
    • Be positive
    • Write to the reader


If you use short sentences more frequently, your readers will be much more invested in what you are writing. This also applies to being positive, as if your posts are more upbeat, readers will want to keep coming back for more. Finally, you must write to the reader because they are the audience who are interested in buying what you are selling. If you do not use these skills as well as some others, you may lose readers because:

  • Some may have learning disabilities
  • Some people may not know the language very well, and
  • Some people may only skim through articles.
  1. My new post addresses the main aspects from class, as it made sure that the main objectives of plain English language were described. I defined how plain language works and how it can be used in different ways. I then listed off some techniques that can be used to write an effective blog and explained why these aspects would work. Finally, I listed the negative effects of not using the skills we learned in class.
  2. One thing I did differently from the original post is that I left out some details from the class. I did this because I believed that they were not as important as others. I also left out some other details because it would have sounded repetitive.


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