1. <TITLE>Goalie Blockers</TITLE>
  2. <META name=”description” content=”The Puck Stops Here offers a variety of blockers that not only keep your hand safe, but can really make great saves. These blockers come in brands such as Brians, CCM, and Vaughn”>
  3. <META name=”keywords” content=”goalie blockers glove safe Brians CCM Vaughn”>
  4. – Goalie blocker – Goalie equipment – Brians – CCM – Vaughn

I  used this description and these keywords because when somebody may be looking for a blocker online, they may be looking for a certain brand of blocker. They may also be looking for certain blockers that they may find are the safest. I also put the keyword glove because that is exactly what a blocker is.

The content that I would show would say: We have an assortment of blockers for you to look through. Also on the page would be images of the blockers that our company would be selling.