1. <TITLE>Goalie Helmets</TITLE>
  2. <META name=”description” content=”The Puck Stops Here wants to make sure that all goalies are very well protected. Thats why we carry an assortment of only the best goalie helmets available. From companies like Bauer, Vaughn and Sportmask, we make sure you get the best quality.”>
  3. <META name=”keywords” content=”goalie helmets protection helmet quality Bauer Vaughn Sportmask”>
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In my description, I focused a lot on the safety and protection of helmets. I did this because many customers would look for the best helmet possible. I also listed off some different brands of helmets to show how we would sell different ones. My keywords also consisted of safety and protection.

On this page, my content will look like: Take a look at the fine quality helmets that we offer here. I would then show pictures of all of the products.