1. <TITLE>The Puck Stops Here – Goalie Pads</TITLE>
  2. <META name=”description” content=”The Puck Stops Here offers a wide array of different brands of goalie pads, each of which can be specified to your request. Some of these brands are Brians, Bauer, CCM, Vaughn, and Warrior.”>
  3. <META name=”keywords” content=”goalie pads leg pads customization Brians Bauer CCM Vaughn Warrior”>
  4. – goalie pads – leg pads – Brians – Bauer – CCM – Vaughn – Warrior

In my description, I state how there are many different brands of goalie pads, as certain customers may prefer one brand over another. I also state the brands and say how customers can request specifics for their goalie pads. That is why in my metatag keywords, I put customization.

The content on my page will look like this: Here you can browse through the many pads that we offer. I would then show images of the different goalie pads we sell and specifications for each of them.